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Rules Techline - GaminG

Postby RamadanTG97 » Fri Feb 17, 2023 4:43 pm

1. Opening a new topic (thread)
- Make sure you are in the right category before opening a new topic.
- Use 'Search' before opening a topic as there may already be a topic containing the same subject.
- Give a suggestive title to the opened topic to receive quickly answer.

2 Double-post
- The double-post is not allowed, use the edit button. It is not considered double-posting if the two posts were made at an interval higher than 24 hours.
- It is not considered double-posting if the posting time is one made after a few seconds as this may be the cause of a connection conflict that leads to a quick double-posting.

- Use of excessive/misuse of colors/smiley/fontsize is prohibited
- Colors, fontsize are used to emphasize an idea, a fragment of a sentence not to "paint" every post/topic.

3 Report
- Use the report in the cases someone is breaking the rules or if you consider a case of injustice. Noncompliance leads to ignoring the problem and not solving it.
- Reports are not private messages to the administrative team, do not use the report function if you do not really encounter a problem.
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